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Meet Your Nutritionist

I am Lisa LeClair Schaffer, FDN-P. I am a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, NBC-HWC National Board-Certified Nutrition Practitioner and Health and AADP Certified Wellness Coach.

I don’t diagnose disease or treat symptoms. Think of me like a health detective working in partnership with you to restore your health. I help you to stop struggling with your health so you can get back to living your best life.

Using my education and a decade of experience in wellness coaching, functional nutrition and life coaching, I create personalized health-rebuilding programs for clients that are realistic, sustainable and give them long-lasting results.

Our Methodology

There is no one test that can direct us to your healing opportunity. What has always mattered the most is that FDN is a methodology that seeks to identify and understand all the hidden stressors and “Build up Function” while we “coach down contributors to metabolic breakdown and chaos. We do that by following a methodology that incorporates your health history or I like to say…your health journey so far, and a functional lab system that will identify malfunctions at subclinical (pre-disease) level.

I like to use the acronym H.I.D.D.E.N. It’s perfect. It’s a reminder that the functional breakdowns that are ultimately leading to you suffering with FLC syndrome (Feel Like Crap) Are deep down, possibly many layers deep. They are not the obvious symptoms you suffer with. That’s the surface. They are hidden. So, we investigate these categories. Hormone / Immune Digestion / Detoxification Energy Production / Nervous System and ask these questions.


How well is the body making and distributing key chemicals that regulate and report on the thousands of essential processes happening every second? We investigate the sex hormones; estrogen, testosterone, progesterone to name a few. We dig deeper and question which pathways the hormones are utilizing…what do their metabolites look like? We question the HPA axis (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal Axis) so that we can fully see and understand your stress hormones Cortisol, Adrenaline and their counterparts: DHEA and start to see a picture of blood sugar regulation, emotional challenges, fertility, Fatigue, circadian rhythm. There are so many important hormones and hormone related functions, it is not possible to list them all here. And now you see why it is so important to investigate in the full scheme of health rebuilding. It is far more than hot flashes.

Immune System

How well is the body able to distinguish friend from foe? How effectively can it neutralize threats? How early is it able to detect disease gaining a foothold? 70-80 percent of your Immune system is in your belly. Your immune system is only as healthy and your GUT Microbiome. We dive really deep here into which bugs, bacteria, pathogens, fungi and more are running the GUT health show inside you. Did you know there are certain specific bacteria that can be traced back to auto immune syndromes. What if we identify them before and remove them long before you have the dreaded diagnosis. Have you heard of “Leaky Gut”? We can see that coming too. And we can rebuild your health before and even after a dreaded diagnosis. Mic Drop.


How well is the body able to take out its own garbage from daily metabolic processes and clear the toxins it picks up in its environment? It has now become publicly accepted to say we live in a toxic swamp. The meds we take, the food we eat and what food what we eat… eats, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the lotions we slather on, the toothpaste and soap we use to clean us…. All are loaded in toxicity. And let’s not forget the molds and metals that sneak into our homes and our bodies. As icing on the cake now, hormones excrete through the liver, the major detoxification organ, and if hormones are out of balance, say estrogen dominance, the liver will get congested and backed up. Our body cannot keep up with all of this…and often we see the back up of toxins in unexpected ways….on our skin, in our feelings, our energy, headaches, edma…The list goes on.


How well is the body able to tolerate food and how effectively does it break down food and absorb nutrition? Who is winning the war between the good and bad bacteria? Or are there any good bacteria at all? Are there actual viruses, fungi and 6-legged creatures lurking? Have these critters destroyed your ability to actually absorb the lovely food you feed your body? If you are bloated, grumpy, exhausted, inflamed, headachy, catch every cold that comes down the pike, have heart burn….it is not another TUMS that you need. You need specific information about what is going on inside and a well-planned protocol of restoration! Not another band aid so you can’t see it or feel it. Because, while you are not looking or feeling, it’s growing into something more.

Energy Production

How well is the body able to make energy, both for its own internal functions and its daily external demands? Remember when you used to wake up ready for the day…excited by all that was ahead of you. Excited to crush work today. Able to go to the gym and feel powerful. Remember when you didn’t need coffee in the morning? Or didn’tneed coffee in the morning AND the afternoon? Well, energy production comes from deep within your cells in the mitochondria and interestingly, everything we mention on this page affects it! Remember how we started this page stating that no one test is the do all and end all? Every system affects the next systems. We use Labs and we also use your story and clinical correlation of all the parts and pieces, to see the whole! Just sayin’

Nervous System

How well does this person’s body navigate between the sympathetic and parasympathetic responses? How well is this personable to communicate from the brain to the gut, the gut to the brain and out to all the active and constantly moving systems that allow us to operate as humans! Again, without this system operating at its highest potential, we cannot function at our potential of health. And the tricky part is that our nervous system and its pathway to the brain is now very well documented to be dependent on out GUT health! (See Digestion above) The point is: Each system affects the others. Each system has clues if you look at them not as individual pieces, but all together. The human body is not made to work as individual parts. Just as it is not possible to heal looking at individual symptoms, tests or basic questionnaires. At Natural Solutions Nutrition, we use a “Whole”istic methodology that incorporates lab-guided, health-building strategies that allow you to identify underlying conditions… by correlating test results with your health issues, validating an individualized therapeutic drug-free all-natural protocol that works. We support you as we work on behavior modifications and a lifestyle which supports the body’s innate healing ability. So that you know how to stay feeling like yourself…well into the future

"But can you help me?"

We help people every day who have an array of malfunctions. If you fall into any of these categories, then heck yeah we can help! We will work to identify the underlying problems, and then work together to get the you back to full functionality.

Blood Sugar Issues

insulin resistance, diabetes, high or low cholesterol and blood pressure.

Gastrointestinal Problems

bloating, constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux

Brain-related Issues

unexplained headaches, migraines, brain fog, anxiety

Sleep Disorders

Insomnia, chronic fatigue, exhaustion

Auto Immune Diseases

IBS, RA, MS, skin conditions, hormone imbalances, hyper/hypo thyroid, just to


under your eyes, in your fingers and feet, arms, legs, knees

Weight Gain

underserved weight gain! despite dieting & exercise programs

So Much More!

if you are sick and tired of feeling horrible, we can help