Functional Diagnostic Healing


We help people of all ages (18 months to 91 years old, to date). Some of the areas of healing opportunities are listed here, but many more are hard to put a single label to.

Digestive Repair

Leaky Gut, Reflux, Lose or Difficult Bowel Movements, Autoimmune, bloating

Hormone Health

Sex Hormones, Stress Hormones, Insulin, Thyroid…


Fatty Liver, Kidney Stones, Gallstones Stones, Acne…

Immune Health

Weak or overactive Immune system


Mineral Balancing, Nutrient Ratios, Food Sensitivities, Sleep Issues…

the list goes on!


At Natural Solutions Nutrition, we use a “Whole”istic methodology that incorporates lab-guided, health-building strategies that allow you to identify underlying conditions… by correlating test results with your health issues, validating an individualized therapeutic  drug-free all-natural protocol that works. We support you as we work on behavior modifications and a lifestyle which supports the body’s innate healing ability. So that you know how to stay feeling like yourself…well into the future.

Functional Medicine testing is often different from traditional testing in that the reference range is different. Usually the Functional range is smaller and goes much more into detail and dives even deeper. This allows for identifying a health issue that is wreaking havoc throughout your body, yet not showing up on your traditional blood work. That is when you hear the dreaded but common phrase, “Test results are ‘normal’, you are fine. You need to rest more and exercise more.”

At NSN use specific Functional testing to identify and support the following systems to identify these “HIDDEN” problems…that we call clues.


There is no one test that can direct us to your healing pathways. What has always mattered the most in Functional Diagnostic Healing & Nutrition is a methodology that seeks to identify and understand all the hidden stressors and to “build up function” while we “coach down contributing factors” to metabolic breakdown. Which realy is the slow and steady breakdown of your health.

We do that by following a methodology that incorporates your health journey so far, and a functional lab testing system that will identify malfunctions at subclinical (pre-disease) level.

We use the acronym H.I.D.D.E.N. It’s perfect. It’s a reminder that the functional breakdowns that are ultimately leading to your suffering are deep down, possibly many layers deep. They are not the obvious symptoms. That’s just the surface. No, what we are looking for are hidden. So, we investigate these major systems in our body. The Hormone, Immune, Digestion, Detoxification, Energy Production & Nervous System. And we ask these questions..?

How well is the body making and distributing the key chemicals (Hormones) that regulate and report on the thousands of essential processes happening every second? We investigate the sex hormones; estrogen, testosterone, progesterone to name a few. We dig deeper and question which pathways the hormones are utilizing…what do their metabolites look like? We question the HPA axis (Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Adrenal Axis) so that we can fully see and understand your stress hormones Cortisol, Adrenaline and their counterparts. We can start to see a picture of blood sugar regulation, emotional challenges, fertility, Fatigue, and circadian rhythm health. There are so many important hormones and hormone related functions. Hormones affect every metabolic function that our body completes.  It is far more than hot flashes, though, they are a symptom as well.

How well is the body able to distinguish friend from foe? How effectively can it neutralize threats? 70-80 percent of your Immune system is in your belly. Your immune system is only as healthy and your GUT Microbiome. We dive really deep into which bugs, bacteria, pathogens, fungi and more are running the GUT health show inside you. Did you know there are certain specific bacteria that can be traced back to autoimmune syndromes. What if we identify them before and remove them long before you have the dreaded diagnosis. Have you heard of “Leaky Gut”? We can see that coming too. And we can rebuild your health before and even after a dreaded diagnosis. Mic Drop.

How well is the body able to take out its own garbage from daily metabolic processes and clear the toxins it picks up in its environment? It has now become publicly accepted to say we live in a toxic swamp. The meds we take, the food we eat, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the lotions we slather on, the toothpaste and soap we use to clean us…. All are loaded in toxicity. And let’s not forget the molds and metals that sneak into our homes and our bodies. As icing on the cake now, hormones excrete through the liver, the major detoxification organ, and if hormones are out of balance, the liver will get congested and backed up. Our body cannot keep up with all of this…and often we see the back up of toxins in unexpected ways….on our skin, our weight, our emotions, our energy, headaches, edma, our sleep, our energy and more.

How well is the body able to tolerate food? How effectively does it break down food? Can we absorb nutrition? Who is winning the war between the good and bad bacteria? Are there any good bacteria at all? Are there actual viruses, fungi and 6-legged creatures lurking? Have these critters destroyed your ability to actually absorb the food you feed your body? If you are bloated, grumpy, exhausted, inflamed, headachy, catch every cold that comes down the pike, have heart burn….it is not another TUMS that you need. You need specific information about what is going on inside and a well-planned protocol of restoration! Not another band aid so you can’t see it or feel it. Because, while you are not looking or feeling, it’s growing into something more.

How well is the body able to make energy, both for its own internal functions and its daily external demands? Remember when you used to wake up ready for the day…excited by all that was ahead of you. Excited to crush work today. Able to go to the gym and feel powerful. Remember when you didn’t need coffee in the morning? Or didn’t need coffee in the morning AND the afternoon? Well, energy production comes from deep within your cells in the mitochondria and interestingly, everything we mention so far affects it! 

Remember how we started this conversation stating that no one test is the do all and end all? Every system affects the next system. We use Lab testing and we also use your story and clinical correlation of all the parts and pieces, to see the whole picture. The Holistic view. ’

How well can you navigate between the sympathetic and parasympathetic responses?

How well is this person able to communicate from the brain to the gut, the gut to the brain and out to all the active and constantly moving systems that allow us to operate as humans! Again, without this system operating at its highest potential, we cannot function at our potential of health. And the tricky part is that our nervous system and its pathway to the brain is now very well documented to be dependent on our GUT health! (See Digestion above)

Weight Loss

What makes our weight loss programs different? This is another area where our Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner makes a world difference. 

Weight Loss is often just as complex as each individual’s Biodiversity.

Many people often come to us because they want to lose weight. They have tried many online or well marketed programs and come up more desperate than before. 

Here is the reason. Weight loss issues often have nothing to do with  “calories in / calories out” mentality. Providing a meal plan and scale is Not going to address the root cause issues. You may have results, but they can only be short term. The weight will come back.

We look deeper to see the H.I.D.D.E.N dysfunction. 

What this means is that we often use Functional labs that will help us identify the deeper issues of stubborn weight gain or loss. The deeper issues may lie in the  Hormone, Immune, Digestive, Detoxification, Energy Production and Nervous Systems!

Once we uncover a repair HIDDEN functions, weight starts to find its own balance!

Individual Nutritional Counseling

Individualized healing and weight loss plan utilizing testing and all necessary support.

10-Week Live Reset

online group hormone and lifestyle functional program. Includes 1:1 sessions, weekly group training, All booklets and materials needed, Weekly Q&A discussions as well as a private and supervised Facebook group and Texting as needed. (and much more) This group loses 20-30 lbs in 8 weeks.

90 Days to Change

Lose 25+ lbs following this guided program as we help you identify your triggers, why they’re there and how to turn them around. 

Infrared Body Contouring Light Treatments

Contour light will help you lose that tire around your waist, The “saddlebags” on your thighs, the sag under your arms or wherever your most challenging area is.

 The Contour Light gets into the areas that just won’t slim down despite your best workouts and dieting. Anywhere you have extra fat or sag and want it to change; thighs, arms, waist, back side, chin…we can utilize the Contour light to treat those areas. 

The best part, No pain, no bruising, no swelling, no burning, no downtime.


Is The Body Contour Light Safe?

This Contour Light has been FDA Cleared for Reduction of Body Circumference (inches!), Reduction of Inflammation and the  Reduction of Pain! 

The Body Contour Light also has clinical studies proving its efficacy in increased Nitric Oxide, which literally increases your blood circulation and activates the mitochondria (the power engine of each cell) which boost your natural energy. 

But what people love most is that we guarantee at least 1 Inch Reduction of size in your very first session…. or your Money Back. We are that sure that our Infrared Body Contour Light works.

Is It true NASA created this science?

The science behind the Contour Light and its revolutionary treatment was originally created by NASA. The light utilizes an exact combination of 660nm infrared and 880nm near red light, which then activates the body’s natural healing response. 

Contour Light stimulates the fat cell which generates a signal that opens the pores of the cell wall, resulting in a release of the contents of the cell: triglycerides, fatty acids (aka FAT) as well as toxins. Then it triggers the Lymphatic system to detoxify the body! The fat cell deflates much like a balloon that is emptied of its air.


  1. Reduce Body Circumference
  2. Releases Fat from the Fat Cell!
  3. Decrease Inflammation
  4. Decrease areas of Pain
  5. Increase Energy Production to the cells (mitochondria)
  6. Activate the production of Collagen and Elastin (skin rejuvination)
  7. Increase overall Circulation by increasing Nitric Oxide.
  8. Remove Toxins from deep in your cells
  9. Decrease Cellulite
  10. Reduce Cortisol pattern thereby reducing Stress Levels
  1. Reduce Body Circumference
  2. Releases Fat from the Fat Cell!
  3. Decrease Inflammation
  4. Decrease areas of Pain
  5. Increase Energy Production to the cells (mitochondria)
  6. Activate the production of Collagen and Elastin (skin rejuvination)
  7. Increase overall Circulation by increasing Nitric Oxide.
  8. Remove Toxins from deep in your cells
  9. Decrease Cellulite
  10. Reduce Cortisol pattern thereby reducing Stress Levels